International Journal of Innovative Research in Science and Engineering

IJIRSE  is an independent peer-reviewed, scholarly open access online international journal. Open access publications are freely available online to anyone,which maximizes the visibility,and thus the uptake and use of the work published. IJIRSE is a capacious directory of magazines, e- Publishers,services and management of e- magazine. Such an effort is designed to create this exciting web platform to show complete information on journals and issues. IJIRSE has an innovative and cost- effective package, initiating a global reach of journals through our marketing platform optimized. Through this distinctive website , any and all publishers can make free use of  online links ,conversion to e- Journal and several other benefits and services, thereby enable to the global positioning of their journal.

International Journal of Innovative Research in Science and Engineering as a world- class provider of engineering and science information to enhance the productivity and innovation. Engineers and Scientists engaged in research can take full advantage of this growing global forum to post their papers on original research or extended versions of already published conference papers / magazines, journals, scholarly articles, etc.

ISSN Online: 2454- 9665

ISSN Print:  2455-0663

1. Research Articles: Original research in different fields of science, engineering and management will be evaluated as research articles.

 2. Research Notes: These include articles such as manuscripts.

 3. Reviews, Thesis, and Project Work: Reviews of recent improvements, discoveries, developments, and thoughts in various fields of Science, management and Engineering will be considered.

 4. Frequency: Twelve issues in a year.

Subject Category: Engineering Science and Technology

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